Our Pastors in Malawi

In 2002 and 2003 Jarvis came to South Africa and attended Life Church Bible College. He met wonderful, loving people from the College and he was surrounded by great motivators. In 2007 he left for Zambia where he spent time preaching in a village.

He then began a cell Church in Malawi, Blantyre that would reach out to schools, streets and villages, preaching Christ.
He first began a cell group with 6 young men; including Catherine, who later became his wife. They now have Cell groups in their surrounding community and in Universities and colleges. they are running  celebration services and Life Child –  Moyo Preschool for vulnerable children. They continue to look at many opportunities on how they can expand this project.





Jarvis & Catherin Msonda

Life Church Malawi is a cell based ministry under the apostolic leadership of Life Church Cape Town dedicated to helping complete the great commission in Malawi by providing resources and coaching to plant new cell churches which are intimately linked to the life of Life Church.