Life Church loves to celebrate together as a family.  Our Weekend services are a gathering place to celebrate what God is doing in our lives during the week.  It’s a time of connecting people from many different nations together.  Our service is always accompanied by vibrant worship, an impacting and relevant message from the Bible and a time to meet with a personal God.  We believe that church doesn’t just stop at our weekend service but as we change our beliefs and are filled with hope, we become the church through the rest of our week. We as the church will leave the building and impact our communities with what we experienced together; with faith, hope and love.


At Life Church, we believe that constant contact and communication keeps a family together. One of the key ways we can do this in our Church is through our small groups, otherwise known as our Cell groups.

Often in such a big church it is difficult to connect with all those around you, but in small groups during the week, we are able to get to know each other on a deeper level and understand how the God can change your life and those around us.  We encourage every new person to just Visit a cell and see what it is all about. At this point it is not a commitment to be there every week, it’s just a visit.  As you visit cells you will find one that will feel connected too.  This will be a place where you can build friendships and grow as a Christian.


Anyone is welcome to join us for our Celebration services and cell but becoming a member takes this to the next level. When becoming a member, you will be making a commitment to belong so that you can receive spiritual input and give leadership the permission to speak into your life. This is a step towards a new level of growth and working together for what God has called us to do as Life Church.

Embracing Life Church means that you will also become actively involved in a Cells, Celebration and Community.

We believe that as you belong and connect with other Christians around you, you will grow as a Christian.

Our CELL GROUPS are an amazing way to connect.  Sunday services may seem a bit daunting to try and build friendships, but our Cell groups that run during the week is a perfect place to grow your relationship with God, build lasting healthy friendships, and make a difference in your community.  Cell groups happen throughout the week in many different communities in your city.  Discipleship takes place in cells too.  Jesus said in Matthew 28:19-20, ‘Go and make disciples’.  Discipleship is a process of growing as a Christian.  Each Christian needs to grow and discipleship is when an older Christian will begin to teach a younger Christian what they have learnt.  This is a great place as you will learn from your Discipler how to practically live as a Christian in every area of your life.  This Discipleship happens primarily through cells.

Our CELEBRATION SERVICE happens on Sunday.  The service is when all our cells come together and worship God.  It s a place of worship, prayer and serving.  We believe that serving in Gods house not only helps others to have an amazing time of encountering God, but it also grows us as we become more like Jesus.  Jesus said that He came to earth to serve and even went to the extend of washing His disciples feet.  Everyone should serve those around themselves and a Sunday service is a great place to start.  If you are taking the Life Journey with us, we would love for you to serve in a Sunday service.

We believe that Church is not the building at we meet at on Sundays.  Church is the people, YOU are the church, and God has called you to make a difference in your COMMUNITY.  We encourage all our cells to find an area of need in their immediate community and then to ‘Fill that need’.  This could be painting a school, or helping an elderly person in their home, picking up rubbish, feeding the homeless etc. As we love them God gives us an opening to speak into their lives, changing their lives forever.

At Life Church we have a big focus on LIFE CHILD.

Once you have embraced Life Church; being involved in a Cell, serving on a Sunday and making a difference in your community, you will feel the need to be better EQUIPPED to make a difference in your workplace, family, friends and place of study.  Our Equipping program focuses on these things.  We believe that each person is a potential leader and can use their talents and gifts to bring hope and love to those around them.  As you grow as a leader you will be put into positions of influence and this is where our Equipping courses will help guide you and truly start to transform the community around you.  God has a plan for each of our lives (Jeremiah 29:11) and the plan is not just to come to church on a Sunday and then live how we want during the week.  No, the plan for your life is so much more important than that.  The world needs Hope and people who will bring justice where there is injustice.  This is the role of us, the Church.  All our Discipleship and Equipping courses help us to equip ourselves for this.

At Life Church, we believe in multiplication.  We want each member to be empowered for the call that God has on their life.  As you are equipped you will find God leading you into certain areas of influence.  We want to equip you for this but also EMPOWER you to GO and do it.  This empowering is also an encouragement to take what you have learnt and teach someone else.  God wants to use you to empower those around you as you are empowered.  No longer is your journey just about yourself, it’s now about empowering those around you.  As you are discipled and equipped you are then encouraged to go and do the same.  This is multiplication. Disciples discipling other disciples.  You can become a disciple-making leader.